Contracting - Sales

Contracting and Sales

At Omilos Hotels Papadakis, we focus on building robust strategic partnerships with both domestic and international agencies and agents. Through these collaborations, we offer hotels the opportunity to penetrate new markets and expand their clientele. We possess expertise in signing and managing contracts such as allotment, commitment, and secure, and we ensure smooth account settlements, guaranteeing a trustworthy and consistent relationship.

Online Sales & Yielding

Omilos Hotels employs cutting-edge techniques and tools to adeptly manage its rates and room availability. This enables us to flexibly respond to purchasing conditions, ensuring the utmost performance for each available room.

Channel Manager & Extranet Management

Harnessing contemporary channel management tools and extranets, Omilos Hotels can automate and synchronize processes. This facilitates swift updates on prices, availability, and other key information across various booking platforms. Beyond enhancing productivity, this strategy aids in preventing overbooking issues, ensuring a uniform customer experience.


We implement bespoke marketing strategies that encompass Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing, aiming to boost traffic and enhance sales.

Property Management System

With the integration of state-of-the-art property management systems (PMS), Omilos Hotels efficiently handles reservations, availability, and pricing, improving efficiency.

Website & Booking Engine

In collaboration with the leading booking engine in Greece, we offer an impeccable and user-friendly platform for our clientele. Paired with our modern website, this greatly amplifies sales and simplifies the reservation process.

AdWords Management

Omilos Hotels capitalizes on Google AdWords to craft and refine multi-tiered campaigns, bolstering our business's visibility on search engines. This strategy enables us to target specific audiences, increase our site traffic, and attain a commendable Return on Investment (ROI).