Malena Hotel & Suites
A Testament to Guest-Driven Innovation and Exponential Growth

Since joining the Omilos Hotels Papadakis portfolio in 2020, Malena Hotel has set new benchmarks in the hospitality sector through its agile approach to guest feedback and innovative operational strategies.

Located in the serene locale of Ammudara, this 4-star adults-only property combines luxury with functionality. This case study delves into the transformation of Malena Hotel, examining the strategic shifts that have fueled its remarkable progress.

Facility Overview

  • Total Rooms: 36
  • Rooms with Independent Pools: 7 (Newly built in 2023)
  • Rooms with Private Jacuzzis: 8
  • Operation: Open year-round
  • Target Audience: Adults Only

Key Achievements

  • RevPAR Increase
    120% since 2021
  • ADR Increase
    74% since 2021
  • Website Sales Surge
    350% increase in one year due to new website and booking engine
  • Total Turnover
    Doubled in 2022 compared to 2021 Tripled in 2023 compared to 2021

Strategic Approach

Guest Feedback

Central to Malena Hotel's success has been the proactive approach of incorporating guest feedback into ongoing renovations.

Technology and Online Presence

The hotel boasts a robust online presence, attracting guests via OTAs as well as direct reservations. The new website and implementation of a fresh booking engine resulted in a 350% increase in direct sales within just one year.

Niche Markets

The hotel specializes in group accommodations during winter months and has gained valuable experience in catering to schools, teams, and organizations.

Financial Metrics

  • RevPAR witnessed a 120% rise since 2021, a feat that underscores the efficacy of the hotel's operations and pricing strategies.
  • ADR escalated by 74% since 2021.
  • Total turnover reached impressive milestones, doubling in 2022 and tripling in 2023 compared to 2021 figures.

Future Plans

In a bid to further enhance the guest experience, plans for the upcoming year include the conversion of 7 existing rooms into private jacuzzi rooms.


Malena Hotel stands as a paragon of how guest-focused innovation and strategic operational changes can result in exponential growth. With its continued efforts to redefine the hospitality experience, the future looks promising for this jewel in the Omilos Hotels Papadakis portfolio.